Firmingers have been appointed as Quantity Surveyors to H&M since 2003, providing a full cost management service together with procurement support.

H&M are currently opening around 25 new stores each year, as well as operating an extensive refurbishment programme. Projects include fitting out new units in shopping centre or high street locations as well as strip out and refit of existing units and are undertaken anywhere within the UK and Ireland. Firmingers manage H&M allocated projects from a cost point of view from initial appointment through to completion. Firmingers also provide cost management with other brands from the H&M chain such as & Other Stories and COS stores which are smaller boutique style stores.

Firmingers have also provided cost management services for H&M’s new chain of stores in Japan and India, working closely with local architects and consultants.

In 2015 Firmingers were appointed to manage H&M General Contractor and Mechanical Equipment tendering processes within UK and Ireland regions for 2016 – 2017 seasons. Firmingers have been a major player in the successful implementation of an updated serial tender document and appointed of final General Contractor lists, fully managing the process from inception through to completion.

Firmingers collate cost information on all live projects and maintain the overall cost report for H&M , issuing updates to H&M on a weekly basis.

Firmingers also provide Building Surveying services to H&M, including condition surveys of new and existing units.

H&M Reading      project value £2m

H&M Cardiff        project value £2.1m

& Other Stories Kingston       project value £850k

H&M Durham      project value £878k