Firmingers as Costs Consultants understand that whilst projects are growing in terms of value and complexity, many also have a high level of uncertainty at project inception. The management of risks within these projects is therefore a major factor in their success or failure.

Firmingers have developed a range of techniques to identify and assess risk. Looking forward at potential events that may impact the project and then assessing those risks by looking at the potential impact and probability allows the Cost Consultant to manage the process. The tools also manage the response. Early actions by the team provide maximum effect.

Risks may be external to the design of the building. Most buildings have a business outcome. In retail it is essential that key dates are attained to maximise profit in peak periods. Late completion can affect the viability of a project. Other risks on larger construction projects like weather or flooding can be mitigated with careful planning. The Cost Consultant can assist in all aspects of Risk Management to successfully deliver the project.